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Why - Mind Body Soul Rejuvenation

From a young age I’ve always been driven to prove people wrong – because of the restrictions I had due to my personal health issues.

This also created a fascination as to why those who didn’t have these restrictions, didn’t have the same drive or ability to switch it on.

It highlighted to me the amount of people who weren’t happy, and yet they had nothing to be unhappy about - as I always felt happy, even with my struggles.

Going into the Police force and working the majority of my time in general duties, it amplified the overwhelming unhappiness in people, and the broader community.  Being around all this negativity and seeing the worst in people on a daily basis gradually chipped away at me, at a soul level.

Eventually going through my own traumatic event, personal to me, which started me on a downhill spiral.  Finding myself unable to get back out of it.

18 months later while working, I went through another event which brought to mind that I could have left my boys without a father.

Every negative in my life just compounded on top of me, leaving me wondering who the person was staring back at me in the mirror and why I was so angry.

A while later losing my relationship and only seeing my boys when I wasn’t working.  I then changed roles within the Police, thinking this would help me find myself again.  The change was positive but not long lived.

This time falling into a darker place then before and taking me to a place I thought I would never go – of being suicidal.  Eventually being diagnosed with PTSD/Depression.

With doctors trying to shovel me medication, the curious/stubborn side to me wanted to know why/how I felt this way but also what influenced the way I felt.

I looked to fitness to help me and also became a personal trainer, finding that many people I was training were struggling also.

This journey lead me on a raw and brutally honest path of rejuvenation. Breaking down many aspects of my life and how I went from positive to negative.

This journey lead me to understand how we can hold onto negative thoughts, feelings, events from our past and how they influence a person and decisions they make. Finding that if I didn’t clear the past and reset myself, align my Mind and Body then my Soul had no spark, essentially putting my internal flame out.

After many courses, self learning and trials and tribulations it has allowed me to help others through Mind Body Soul Rejuvenation to create Resilient, Powerful and Connected People.
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